Centre Philosophy

The staff and management of Tots on Triton believe that relationships form the key to quality education. We believe that respectful, interactive relationships between children and adults form the basis of positive self-image for the child. When the teachers nurture the child’s interests with warmth and caring, both adults and children grow and learn together. Adults respect the children as confident competent learners and communicators. They encourage their sense of belonging with increasing knowledge of their community and the world around them.

We provide a stimulating, interesting and natural environment that allows children to explore and engage in experiences that they plan and carry out. Children learn best when they engage in experiences that they are interested in and that the adults, teachers and parents work together to increase understanding, respect and knowledge.

Parents, guardians and whanau are encouraged to show interest and become involved in their child’s learning. All children: infants, toddlers and the young child, with the support and increasing involvement of their teachers, family and whanau will continue to expand the child’s concentration time, extend their knowledge and help them grow in confidence.

Education Programme

It is recognised that high quality early childhood education is the only proven technique that will alter the life course of a child. Our programme is based on Te Whaariki, the NZ Early Childhood curriculum. We offer the children a developmentally appropriate programme based on educational equipment designed to stimulate children to think, problem solve, progress physically, emotionally and socially. The educators interact with the children, extending language and thought. Children build their learning on their previous knowledge, and the staff support and nurture that learning.

Our programmes are designed for children to be active, to be involved with materials and other children. The children have freedom of choice and play with the equipment and materials set out. Children are never forced to join in, they are encouraged. Children are encouraged to be self disciplined. No child is allowed to deliberately hurt another child or to break/destroy equipment. Children are actively encouraged to take part in the programme, which includes people in our community. Educational outings and trips are organised to places such as the library, parks and other venues that reflect the learning that is happening at the Centre.

Our teaching is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Reggio Emilia is a small city in Northern Italy that many regard as providing the best preschool education in the world. Further information is available here.

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