At Tots on Triton we believe that open communication with parents is extremely important, as this assists in the formation of strong relationships between parents, children and staff. We do this in the following ways.

Parent Evenings

Tots on Triton hosts parent evenings throughout the year where the teaching staff share information about children’s progress and development, and other current topics.


A regular newsletter/information sheet is given to all parents. Notice boards at the entrance to the Centre share information with parents.

Communication Notebooks

Communication notebooks are sent home daily with children under two. Parents are asked to write any notes in the book so that staff are aware of important matters. All children have a portfolio of their work and art, together with learning stories which have been written by staff. These are shared with parents, and of course the staff are always available to discuss your child’s progress with you on a daily basis.


Books and pamphlets on a variety of early childhood related topics are also available for families to borrow from our library. The Centre’s policies are available for viewing by all parents at the Centre. As a parent you are just as much part of the Centre as your child. We therefore encourage parents to visit whenever they wish.

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